10 dating tips for women

24 Jan

Here “arranged” means, prospective matches are found on the basis on a horoscope, family background, family finances, caste, creed and language. It’s an activity that could pamper you with the pleasure of meeting the finest people of the opposite sex; eventually sprouting the hope for a romantic relationship with ‘the chosen one’. Exchanging mails, phone numbers or even chatting online is the way to go. Get your facts on Bollywood right, especially with the latest musical and theatrical releases.

Most rich men, let their cars, bikes and geeky gadgets to all the talking than take some real efforts to make a good impression on lady love. Unlike what is shown in movies or TV advertisements, sensible women do not fall for bikes stunts and car racing gimmicks.

A romantic inclination towards a man on the basis of such factors can lead to a boring and mundane affair.

Not only that you can tutor him with a few tips on baking but enjoy mild flirtations while melting the chocolate.

Even a round of muddy soccer in the rain could also be good idea.

The first date is a celebration in itself of the completion of one such level.The ideal first date in India is to catch up for a Bollywood movie but you could try something new. It’s good to be ‘the lady’ in your story but do not take your partner for granted.And in this age of advanced technology, absence doesn’t make your heart go fonder anymore.With the rise of smart phone applications you can be in touch with your partner 24×7.Doing something special is a good way to get into his good books. A candle-lit dinner with one of his favorite dishes could be an excellent idea only if he hasn’t started to imagine you also feeding his family, friends, co workers, a whole bunch of relatives and the cows and goats at his back yard!!Indian men can tend to be really lazy (no offences) even if they have to woo a woman.It could be as simple as sipping coffee from a local vendor or dining extravagantly in a five star lounge. The common tendencies amongst ‘smart ‘women is to take the guys for ride by making them walk their dogs and pay their bills in exchange of kisses and cuddles.If you expect to be loved and respected by him give him the share of love and respect that he deserves for which snuggling won’t be enough.