99 dating

05 Feb

----- Magnetic Messaging: Learn about the 10 most common mistakes men make while texting women. Everyone wants to be the strong alpha man, the lion among antelopes.You have to mean what you say and you have to say what you mean.That’s the secret of the direct approach and the secret to more success with women.As a man who is relaxed, you allow her to also relax, which makes her receptive for deep conversations and playful flirting.I am a friend of the honest and authentic way of approaching women.

Watch our FREE video with the 10 biggest mistakes guys make on Tinder and when texting women.The uncomfortable truth is that 99% of men are not successful with women.As a result of their state they walked up to women as if they would walk into a boxing ring.Believe it or not, but a woman who is 20 centimeters smaller than you can be quite intimidated by a guy whose approach is too aggressive.You are constantly bombarded with advertisements that tell you that you have to buy this or that product to finally be the attractive man that you always wanted to be.In most cases the conditioning is successful, which forces you to believe that you are not good enough, not tall enough, not rich enough and not good looking enough without realizing that it’s all just one big lie.

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