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10 Feb

Supporting Documents to be submitted duly attested by a chartered accountant (Prinicipal) IPCC Passed Certificate ( Group I or both groups ) ITT Certificate (not applicable in case of Direct Entry Scheme) Orientation Certificate (not applicable in case of Direct Entry Scheme) 5.

Once a lis pendens is recorded, no title insurance company will issue a title insurance policy unless and until the lis pendens is removed.

Although the servicer may “bond around” the lis pendens without titleinsurance, the real property security is virtually inalienable.

The other two copies of the form 103 are to be kept with the Prinicipal and the student 6.

The copies of the form 102 has to be kept one with the prinicipal and other with the student Note : Form 102 is not to be sent to ICAI 7.

A summary procedure for removing a lis pendens is provided in the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 405.3 et seq.

This section allows a “mini trial” on the merits of the borrowers claim.

The reciprocal nature of attorney fees provisions in all real property notes and deeds of trust dictate that any wrongful foreclosure action be taken seriously. The only requirement for a lis pendens to be recorded is an attorneys signature that the action which is being noticed actually involves a real property claim.