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22 Jan

Scientists took about 300 years to lay out the Periodic Table into neat rows and columns. This episode, we enlist journalists, poets, musicians, and even a physicist to help us tell stories of matter that matters.

Please note that the C-14 isotope has been around since the dawn of time.

The way carbon dating works and the dating technique described by the person on the podcast are two distinct different things.

The reporter's insensitive treatment of the topic of nuclear war goes to show that history is no longer taught with any substance or understanding in school, or that she and many others never paid attention.

I have now scratched Radio Lab off of my list of NPR programs to listen to and will make my views known to my local public radio station. A great episode on a subject that seems to be getting more and more coverage.

You’ll never look at that chart the same way again.Just heard this podcast today, it seems it was made in 2015 as the race to 2030 was stated as being 15 years into the future. We have to adjust our RC dates now to pre 1950, I do my dating at Lawrence Livermore, and its all adjusted to 1950 because everything afterward has an overload of Carbon that isn't reliable.By measuring the concentration of C-14 in a sample of tissue and calculating backwards- we can determine the age of a sample of organic matter. Case in point, when the discussion about the elements of the atomic bombs still being available in the atmosphere...What was described in the episode about how the atomic bombs created this C-14 isotope is so false it made my heart hurt. Helium poem was written by Christina Quintana the Atom bomb was created to kill humans, and it did, and then it helped us contribute to medical science and so will keep humans alive. I thought that was interesting until the trite way that portion of this program ended.Bare with me, I'm a chemist: Carbon 14 is a naturally occurring isotope found in a specific concentration in LIVING organisms (animals, plants, etc..).When the organic matter dies, it dies with the specific concentration of C-14 in its tissue (lets limit this discussion to animals) and because it is now dead, the organism is not getting any more carbon from anywhere.In 2013 I had my first manic/mixed episode and I was having several delusions. But I was my grandmother that me and my siblings never met because she had a severe and untreated mental problem.