Black girl video chat

18 Jan

You can check out the app on i Tunes for just .99.

A person I called my friend,my boo,lil baby, the person who helped me look for my house,the person who I talked to texted every day.. Makes me sick to my stomach,makes me think about what more I could've done.if I even done enough as a friend.fact that she was loved by many.. I thought only women cared about Valentine's Day but men are more annoying about it...

Also served in the Navy.i always looked up to her . if I get another text from another guy asking me to hang out tonight omg grrr.

In honor of 'Iron Man's 10th anniversary, one BGN contributor takes a critical look at both the film — and it's star character has made both a great by dangerous impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As Marvel's 'Black Panther' nears its nationwide release, one Black Girl Nerd contributor takes a look at the movie, as well as its possible effect on future Black Panther fans.

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