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14 Feb

And I told them that everything that was hooked up to me -- everything was hooked on me was helping me, and I said, I'm totally going to be fine. All this stuff and it doesn't help when you're that age, you know? MICHAELS: At first, you know -- again, my first 12 days I don't really remember much and I think they had a tough time at first and then as -- they know I'm a fighter so they know once I made it through that the first initial 10 days is the fighting, is the real scary period. When we come back, you did then get hit by a completely different random health attack which was almost as serious. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) MORGAN: I'm back now with my guest, rock n' roll wild man Bret Michaels. And when I say true to my life, this is the -- why I'm so self-deprecating, the (INAUDIBLE) that are my existence. I had my youngest daughter and a natural reaction was to pick her up, so I -- I just -- I literally went like this, and my left -- this whole side of my body went completely numb. MICHAELS: And I -- this is how funny it was, called Dr. And he said, absolutely not, get to the emergency room now, and they met me over there. But -- and everyone on there -- I want to say this in the girls' defense. And my two sister, Michelle and Nicole, we love our parents. But -- MORGAN: You don't want to end up this that position. You can feel it and you become completely delusional. When I found out that she had tested before earlier in her life for high blood sugar -- so we've been fighting that borderline or what's called pre-diabetes for awhile. But, you know, what was bittersweet in that exact moment was I also have to show strength because this is what I'm fighting for. She goes down and sees a nurse, goes down and sees a nurse every day. You start to get out of it and a lot of times cops will pull over, people that are having insulin shock which is a low blood sugar, right? They're just -- you have -- I would be talking to you and forget who you were. In other words, I can't -- I was in such a weird position. And -- but she's not full-blown Type I diabetic yet. And they said -- he started talking and I looked over at the screen and you could see air bubbles in your -- in this side of my lungs going through my heart and coming out the other side. MORGAN: Were you not thinking, what have I done to deserve all this? Like you're laying there and you're thinking -- I'm thinking that was the first time when they told me I had the hole in my heart and everyone started coming back into the room and Dr. I said, I'm a really positive person but that one just -- that one kicked my butt. I don't want to take a dirt nap in the weeds in Jersey. Luckily, I'm a big supporter of the troops, so a few of the troops guys were there. So me and Big John sat on the tarmac at about in the morning, in the morning, on the yellow line. MORGAN: And that meant to them you had a hole in your heart. MICHAELS: First day, you know, when you ask me, first I'm thinking, before I felt like what did I do to deserve this, because I've done a lot of stuff to deserve it. (LAUGHTER) MORGAN: I don't know what I was getting at. MICHAELS: I've done a lot of rotten things and I said, god, I know I've done a lot of rotten things, but if you could just let me slide through this. That -- that moment kicked my butt, but honestly I laid there, I spent the night there, and I pulled it together. It's just us, the jet, the two pilots and me and John sitting Indian style. side coming back in they were great, but they were brutal. And one of the guys was over in Iraq while I was over there.

There is rumor, it may -- MORGAN: He stole my jacket.

And in between us, there's so many something million records sold.

Not even a good quality, a lower quality porn, and that's what their dad died from. MORGAN: You were to become forever the guy who died watching "Busty Cops 3." (CROSSTALK) MICHAELS: And they just lower me down under, and that's it. MORGAN: Of the hemorrhage, before we move on to what happened next. You know you have some -- MORGAN: Some -- MICHAELS: A headache. With the subarachnoid hemorrhage there is a zero warning. The last test they do is called an ultrasound air bubble test. And they pump air into your veins, I start laughing, well, if I wasn't dead before this is about to kill me because my -- you know as a diabetic they tell you get all the air out of my syringe. The -- this -- it is -- I will say this, the truth is I can only tell you my version and some of the other bands I've witnessed, but mostly my own band. MORGAN: Can you still be as wild as you used to be? I may not be able to do quite as much drugs as I used to. But if that's -- you know, if we do, it'll be great. MORGAN: We come back in a moment with a big exclusive tour announcement from Bret Michaels. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) MORGAN: Back now with Bret Michaels and an exclusive tour announcement, Bret.

Like I had -- everybody who has survived it, there is about a 20 percent survival rate, and out of that there's about 50 percent of the people who actually can walk, talk and function again, right? When I tell anybody this, I say get to the emergency room. And they're dumping all this air into my vein, I'm like, you sure this isn't going to kill me? It is everything I -- everything I wanted it to be, but nothing like I dreamed it would be. It's everything -- in my shoes, I'm an independently owned artist, I kept my publishing. And what happens is you pull into a different town every night. But you know what, it just levels out because as things have happened to me, they just turn into a different set of drugs. Poison practiced safe sex because we had a condom machine at the front of the bus.

MORGAN: And you really did feel the need to check your blood? (CROSSTALK) MORGAN: Let's see what you do because I'm fascinated. When you're diabetic, in the old days, I mean, with the old days first. I mean you looked like -- it was like a science experiment which may have helped me win "Apprentice." But you took a pill, you drop in a urine sample. And really it sounds crazy as much as I'm a rocker you also learn self-motivation and self-discipline by being diabetic. And what it is for me, I do about eight to -- about eight to 10 blood tests a day for me. MICHAELS: All this is -- all this does is check my blood because the old way, why a lot of diabetics got sick is -- when you would test your urine, it could be from the night before. MICHAELS: And my fingers as you can see, they're pretty -- they're a little beat up. MICHAELS: You just nick it, and I learned through trial and error not to do the tip of your fingers as a guitar player. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MICHAELS: I just want to tell you, guys, I'm in a serious situation. And she -- sometimes when she's on her video game -- I want to make it lighter now.

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