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23 Jan

Like an animal that was being hunted, and wasin pain. So it was a very strange situation, tosuddently be in the middle of.But she was so sheltered/covered, by thethree police-officers, so it might have beenthat the fourth officer, did somethingilligal, like the user on Live Leakmentioned.But I think that if I tell what I saw, thenmaybe other people, with more knowledge ofthe Police-rutines, could understand moreabout, what really went on. Thepolice in liverpool do not go around rapinggirls in the middle of Matthew Street.You ever thought you only saw half of whatactually happened?

When they were maybe a meter or two, in frontof me, the man grabbed the womans breast, andpushed her or let her go. It could maybe have been, that the man, tookthe woman, as a hostage.

And that he was a criminal, being followed bythe police.

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