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28 Jan

But when an immigrant friend went to Mexico and didn’t return, Cantú was again drawn to the border, this time to find out the details and tell the stories of lives he’d only glimpsed before.

Decades later, investigating this little-known chapter of the ‘60s, Sweet, a British journalist and BBC radio presenter, finds many of the participants still caught up in a tangle of conspiracy theories, half-truths, and suspicions.

Many have gone on to join a cult headed by Lyndon La Rouche.

The remote location is beautiful in the summer and the isolation helps calm the demons that pursue Ernt.

But winter tests the Allbrights both psychologically and physically, and they have no one to turn to but each other.

Writing with a depth and intimacy more often found in fiction, Flock chronicles an arranged marriage that evolves into true love, follows the struggles of a young professional couple to accommodate both partners’ ambitions and independence, and introduces an Islamic couple longing to have a child.Together, these three compelling narratives convey both the texture of daily lives in 21Dolnick’s first three novels were praised for the charm and humor he brought to his portraits of families, friendships, and young people stumbling through their coming-of-age.Drawn from the Sanskrit words for “the sacred knowledge of life,” Ayurveda is a mind-body system that was developed some five thousand years ago in ancient India. Weis-Bohlen, who came to Ayurveda through the cleansing technique of knows both how healing this practice is and how daunting its theories can be.A full-time Ayurvedic consultant, cooking teacher, meditation teacher, and leader of sacred site tours, she specializes in guiding novices through Ayurvedic principles and terminology.As she focuses on the fears they channel, she moves from textual analysis to wider historical, institutional, and social contexts, linking these scenarios to globalization, neoliberalism, and a risk society, and showing how politics and medicine intersect with the media and representation.