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04 Feb

” You can also take solace in the fact that with Magic’s guidance you’ll finally say goodbye to “Feeling Like A Desperate Loser Who Fears Rejection And Does Not Know What To Say To an interactive dating course created by VR developers Cerevrum Inc.and self-styled seduction coach Manish “Magic” Leone.He never tells you the advice “talk about your hobby and maybe you’ll find out she likes it too.” It’s always based on a meticulous extraction of data about that you’re then supposed to leverage so you can build immediate trust.Here’s a quick bit on how Magic uses self-deprecating humor to his ultimate advantage.

He reassures me that this is “even something I do with my very high-end customers when they come to my program.” This is all well and good, but these goals that I’ve set have zero bearing on how the rest of the course goes, and offer no tailoring to my individual needs as a paying customer who just wants to simultaneously find out how to date multiple women, attract one special woman get my ex girlfriend back. ) Going through all the lessons and interactive interludes takes about 2 hours.

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