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24 Jan

His handcuffs were taken off and he nodded to confirm his name, age and address to the court clerk during the hearing, which lasted less than a minute.Climatic models variously invoke a shift to a wetter climate, high erosion rates associated with the end-Permian mass extinction (EPME), and an Early Triassic (Olenekian) arid phase.We support the concept of a fundamental climatic control, and suggest that the Chester Formation reflects an extreme Early Triassic greenhouse climate characterised by high temperatures, aridification, de-vegetation, heavy floods and high erosion rates.At outcrop in south-west England and the English Midlands the Chester Formation comprises an abrupt conglomeratic outbreak that fines further northwards into arenaceous strata.Previous interpretations have invoked tectonic or climatic causes for the Early Triassic development of the Budleighensis river system and emplacement of the Chester Formation.

Rachel Barber, prosecuting, told magistrates the charge of murder can only be dealt with at the Crown Court, which will also deal with an application for bail by the defendant.Gavin Wells, chair of the bench, remanded Mc Kie into custody overnight.Neighbours said the couple had only moved into the house a few weeks ago, after refurbishing the detached property.They had been renting a home nearby while the house was under renovation.Police have arrested the husband of a 'murdered' detective whose body was found in a lake at a popular beauty spot, according to reports.Mother-of-three Leanne Mc Kie, 39, was an officer for Greater Manchester Police.She was found in the early hours of Friday morning but it is not clear exactly how police were alerted or found her remains.