Dating practices in different cultures A dultdating

29 Jan

It was here (including the adjacent lower Ouachita River basin near Monroe, Louisiana) that the first earthen mounds were built by Middle Archaic peoples as early as 6,000 years ago (4000 B. In Late Archaic times, about 3700-3000 years ago (1700-1000 B.

The second part reviews the specific Woodland-period cultures from which Caddo culture developed.

Only a few days travel by canoe downstream from the Great Bend of the Red River is the lower Mississippi Valley (LMV), a region that helps us understand the Woodland period.

Ford's hypothesis that cultural developments in the LMV were derived from Mesoamerican cultures (like the Olmec) is no longer seen as valid.

Instead, the LMV appears to have a very long history of indigenous (local) development within which were periods of great interaction with other cultures of the Eastern Woodlands and periods of relative isolation.

C.), Poverty Point culture flourished in the same area.