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04 Feb

I now see that this hanger spring is perhaps the big problem with these models, as many of the units I see on e Bay clearly have the hanger spring either broken or disengaged.

There is also a mm-yy date code on the back side of the hanger (not visible with the derailleur installed) indicating when the derailleur was built: One of the GT-100s I found came with the hanger pivot spring disengaged from the hanger such that the spring was loose and the hanger had no tension at all, it just flopped about.

On the other the spring was actually broken, with the same result.

The GT-100 was standard equipment on '70 to early '74 5-speed models with wide range (14-32T) freewheels such as the 5-speed Suburban, Collegiate, and Deluxe Twinn.

It was also standard on the (10-speed) '73 World Traveler, and was used to supplement the Huret-based Schwinn Approved derailleur on the '70 to early '74 Varsity and 10-speed Suburban models.

If this happens, when the derailleur is installed this will allow the derailleur body to pivot all the way forward all the time, which I believe will cause difficulty especially in shifting to the larger cogs, as well as a very slack chain.

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