Error updating the password file android samba

24 Jan

It has worked fine before today and I do not know why it suddenly stopped working. I'm not sure if that's how it generates the username, but you can check what it exactly is by typing 'whoami' in command prompt, and your username will appear after the slash for the domain. Alternatively, if you're trying to connect to a server that has a SSH (Secure Shell) service (port 22), you can use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) to access files with a user account on the server.This connection type is available in ES File Explorer - just use the "Network" tab "New" button.I was using ES Explorer to connect to a PC okay but recently I changed the modem then my Android phone can't connect to the computer anymore.I thought it would be caused by a setting on my modem, but searching on Google cannot help me find out.

I get the same result when using the Map network drive dialog.Other clients (Android, Linux) can connect just fine with the same user/password.