Excel consolidating

23 Jan

However, that can cause users to take a lax attitude toward errors, which can be dangerous.

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=ISFORMULA(B2) The ISFORMULA result will show TRUE if there is a formula in the referenced cell, even if the result is an error.

In the screenshot below, there is a VLOOKUP formula in cell B2, and its result is an #N/A! The ISFORMULA function is used in cell B4, with a reference to B2, and the result is TRUE.

The following formula is entered in cell C2, and copied down to cell C3.=IF(ISFORMULA(B2), FORMULATEXT(B2), "Not a formula") The formula from cell B2 is displayed in cell C2, and because there isn't a formula in cell B3, the result in cell C3 is "Not a formula".According to Ventana research, nearly half of enterprise-sized companies have experienced this problem -- 44% of survey respondents said they grapple with multiple, inconsistent spreadsheets.