13 Feb

When a desire to change a system outgrows complacency for the system itself, great changes come about.

But is it really just her skills in sex and acting, or is it something more?

Told in the style of a TV miniseries, “Flop Cop” retails the adventures of super-cop Flopsy Botchek, who has won renown for more than her fine bottom, her trademark mantra: “I always get my man!

Take a look into the wild dreams and fanciful longings of one young man, deep asleep and never to be the same again.

Will she stay true to her goal, catch her baddy, and win herself even greater esteem in the Los Bonum Police Department—or .

It most certainly is, courtesy of Chat-Buddy - which allows people from all over the world to communicate with each other in the most relaxed, interesting and pleasing manner.This is for many reasons, but mainly for your own welfare and security!Matt leads a frustrating life as a downtrodden employee of a women’s magazine.Within only five years, she became one of the most popular.