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22 Jan

Once they understand the mindsets, the BPD behavior becomes a lot easier to understand and be in a relationship with.

I commonly get clients that blame their partner and are dead set on believing they’re married to a BPD.

But then when they show me their conversations and describe situations, I quickly notice how my is actually the one making the big mistakes.

You’ll be armed with a lot of BPD relationship knowledge.

I’ve personally never been married, but I’ve been in several relationships with BPD women.

Every relationship goes through trouble and conflict. Due to poor relationship mindsets, 90% of all marriages lack intimacy and excitement.

Half of these marriages end in divorce while the rest just stay together for other reasons.

They fail to stand up for themselves, they fail to be aggressive, they fail to be masculine, they fail to correct a rocking boat.

They only say things that they think she wants to hear. You try to be affectionate and show that you care, but this backfires as well. These reasons are why men become weak and constantly live in a state of fear during the relationship.

It can be tough to hear this advice but it just is what it is. You need to learn the correct mindsets so you know how to listen correctly, respond accordingly and not continue with poor habits you aren’t even aware of.

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