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10 Feb

At the very least it has harbored AI militants within its borders and provided a safe route by which foreign fighters can enter Iraq to join AI. AI also occasionally clashed with IS militants prior to m AI has used a range of weapons and tactics over the course of its history. withdrawal in 2011 and on October 16, 2012, AI released a statement claiming it could no longer support the Islamic State in Iraq (ISI), the successor organization to AQI and predecessor of IS, because of the group’s repeat It is unknown when these attacks started.(7 killed, unknown wounded) [1] , a splinter group that had broken from AI in early 2007 because its members wished to take a harder line against AQI, to form an anti-Coalition umbrella organization called the Reformation and Jihad Front (RJF).The RJF was a pan-Islamist organization that challenged AQI for leadership of the Iraqi Sunni Islamist movement differences, the two groups clashed in both Iraq and Syria in late 2013 and early 2014, including when IS claimed responsibility for assassinating a top leader of AI’s Iraq branch, Abu Ahmad, in early 2014. offensive against AI that temporarily expelled the group from Iraq, AI’s main targets became U. troops, Iraqi government forces, and any private citizens or businesses reported to be cooperating with the government or the U. AI also used methods such as suicide and car bombs to target Shiite mosques, Christian churches and Kurdish political parties.Here, as “The general, a large, imposing figure renowned among his troops for his no-nonsense ways, began his remarks by reminding the reporters that he had appeared in Baghdad six weeks ago, about the time of the insurgents' Ramadan offensive, and had said he believed [troops] in his area were ‘turning the corner.’ “Now, he said, 'I'm here to tell you that we've turned that corner.I can also tell you that we are on a glide path towards success, as attacks on our forces have declined by almost 60 percent over the past month.’” As it happened, Americans would remain on the glide path to that corner of ultimate success for some time, not just in Iraq but in Washington, too.

And if that’s true of his tax bill, it’s so much truer of his energy policies, as regular Michael Klare makes clear in a newsworthy manner today.That the president’s addiction to fossil fuels, his belief that freeing Big Energy from every form of restriction and regulation, is crucial to future American global domination has, Klare informs us, been embedded in the administration’s recently released National Security Strategy.According to the Congressional Budget Office, government cash reserves are already starting to fall faster than expected as a result of lost revenue from that bill.And the modest gains offered to ordinary taxpayers to give cover to a vast increase in the wealth of the top 1% will all sunset in the 2020s, while that bill’s corporate tax cuts are meant for eternity.2002: In the spring of 2002, AI sent several gunmen to assassinate PUK leader, Barha, Salih.Salih survived the attack but five of his bodyguards were killed along with two of the AI assailants.Our donation page is always chock-a-block full of books ready to be signed and personalized to you (and only you) in return for a donation of at least 0 to this website (5 if you live outside the United States).

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