I am dating a felon cebuanas dating online

11 Feb

If your dude is prey, he is getting assaulted by other guys which means he would be exposing you to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and a host of other diseases when he gets out.See, this is how gullible, naive and desperately lonely women set their children up to be molested, beaten and even killed. Please don’t think that the things I said above won’t happen to you and your baby, because these situations happen all the time.Mothers often think that only strangers molest or rape children, which is flatly not true.I have a five year old daughter and her father is in the prison across the street from where my guy is housed.Her dad doesn’t call, write or make any attempt to communicate with me or his child.

The majority of children are sexually molested by someone they and their parents know and trust, which is how that adult gains unsupervised access to them.

Live-in boyfriends and step-fathers that are not the fathers of the child are the chief perpetrators.

No man should be allowed to come into your world to lounge around and live off you.

No man should have free, unsupervised access to your daughter in any way now or ever.

I’m confident that he already has women putting money on his books and visiting him that you don’t even know about because that’s how the game is run.

Why get money on your books and attention from just one women, when you can get money, gifts, treats and visits from three or four at the same time?

Your job as a mother is to do all you can to protect your child and keep her safe.