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22 Jan

We are now all older and wiser, and can appreciate him and his talents more fully. Here are seven things to know about the man, the myth, the legend: Ryan Sheckler.Ryan’s team loved how easy it was to update everything on his site and appreciated that we were always available to help them out.We loved their great energy and the personality that made them so much fun to work with.When Red Bull handed management of the site over to Ryan’s team, we handled the switch over and got his team up to speed with how everything works.That was the beginning of a new and really special relationship for us.

Baby Steps has worked with Ryan on a bunch of great projects, going back to pioneering sites we created for Red Bull and leading to our current involvement with his amazing foundation and the great work it does for kids and injured athletes.We met Ryan through a really fun project we did for Red Bull, building a super-intricate website with video and music and 3-D rendered transitions—really state-of-the-art work that established our reputation with Red Bull and really showcased how creative and innovative we can be.With social media aggregation from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, every time Ryan posted to one of his social media sites, the content on his website was updated at the same time.It’s a great way to make sure Ryan’s website stays current, exciting and entertaining for existing and new fans.

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