Jewish professional dating

21 Jan

Although a Kohein's daughter is given somewhat elevated status (in some cases, it is stressed that she marry a Kohein or Torah scholar), the pressure is on the men here, and consequently, on the women who wish to date them.However, all privileges come with a price, and the restrictions on Kohanim are many.Many of these restrictions were designed to maintain what is referred to as ritual purity, since the Kohanim formed a holy order in the Temple of Jerusalem.They are not waived even for older Kohanim who are not planning to have additional children.Under these circumstances, the marriage is still prohibited by Torah law.

For what it's worth, my own two cents on this is that it is easy to identify a case where a Kohein falls in love with someone ineligible and a narrative of thwarted love worthy of Shakespeare or Disney could be woven.I think that could be a troubling narrative, but it's probably a mostly false positive.He is considered 'chalal' (ineligible [for service]), and he does not need to stick to the same rules.Orthodox Jews take this really seriously (see a recent dating mixer for Kohanim).

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