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14 Feb

And for me it’s just kind of like, this record was very cathartic for us.

We just wanted to come back and just make a hard-hitting, fun, straight-forward record.

I feel like that record captured how we are live; bouncing off the walls, having a good time at our shows.

Early in the relationship, much was made of the couple’s age difference.

In speaking with Rocksound, Gilbert explained, “Yeah, I’m dating Hayley.

A true veteran of the city of Chicago, Jordan also shares Riot Fest stories and talks about the city’s undying New Found Glory fans.

We also take a look at his latest album and hear how Paramore singer Haley Williams was the perfect fit for the powerhouse song, “Vicious Love”.

Surprisingly, she may have not been the band’s first choice.

The guys had been toying with the idea of having country singer Kasey Musgraves make an appearance on the album instead. New Found Glory is a band that has progressed and matured over the years – Jordan touches on how his song writing process has changed after becoming a father and husband. Catch New Found Glory on TOUR and pick up their ALBUM now!