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10 Feb

Some women wear cosmetics where as others are simply gorgeous without it. If they do, it is short lived and meant for the outcome of marriage.Women here are hardly treated as equals and often discriminated against even though it is currently illegal to do so. Beautiful Malian women are typically a licorice black, tall, and thin. They are very feminine and appearance is important to them.Go to Malian Beauties Directory Despite being a Muslim, the veil is rare.About 80% of the people are agricultural workers and the country itself relies heavily on foreign aid.Reportedly, trafficking women and children is endemic and prostitution is legal and widespread.

) All the dates were from his own trees – he has a date plantation all his own! I remember that when I lived in Qatar, and had a date tree in my yard, the date harvest usually occurred somewhere around now – or maybe July.So I ask my Kuwaiti readers and fellow bloggers, on this lazy Friday, to help me out.