Messianic dating

24 Jan

And my philosophy of knowing inclines me to give Daniel the benefit of the doubt and to attempt to read this book as it presents itself: the words of a sixth century B. I will get into the specifics tomorrow and how it relates to Hanukkah.

Yet, the events behind Hanukkah are mentioned in the prophet Daniel, at least in part. (2) The possibility that the latter part of Daniel 11 is a failed prediction (it was future to the time of even the late “Daniel” writer and it turned out not to happen that way historically).

There are two ways (at least) to approach this subject. For those who choose this way of looking at the evidence, it is still quite likely that Daniel 2-7 could be an early document, perhaps, many would say, even being a genuine writing of Daniel (if, they would say, he really existed at all). Davies (a Biblical minimalist of extreme proportions) makes a good case for the late dating of parts of Daniel (). (3) The popularity of pseudonymous (falsely ascribed to a famous writer) and fictitious history among Jews in the Second Temple period.

But the heavy point about tradition is that people much closer to the time than I am read Daniel and felt it should be included in the Hebrew Bible.

Tradition also tells me that things like prophecy actually happened. Another Way to Look at Daniel Iain Provan, whose work in Hebrew Bible I am beginning to appreciate, especially Provan, Long, and Longman’s .

First, as most of you know, Hanukkah is not specifically mentioned in the Hebrew Bible because the events of Hanukkah came after the main period of the Hebrew Bible.Hanukkah’s only mention in the Bible is in John (“dedication” is Hanukkah).) my thoughts are turned toward the prophet Daniel.Let me say at the outset that I am not well-read in Daniel studies.Reason, in my philosophy, is one part of the tools of knowledge, but is itself a somewhat untrustworthy tool.Reason has limits reason should become aware of, not the least of which is our extremely partial command of the “facts.” We know less than we’d like to admit about history, especially ancient history. After almost a year of intense research on what is “really” going on in the world today, and connecting the findings with the biblical prophecies, I am still overwhelmed with the new “eye-opening” things I have learned and the realization that how they all connect with the biblical prophecies so perfectly. Well, however, the problem is that it may not be “before” us any more, but it is all around us; and you may be right in the middle of it, being unable to see that you are trapped.

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