Most intimidating fans in nhl

02 Feb

While "most intimidating fans" doesn't perfectly sync up with "toughest place to play," it was a question ESPN asked back in 2007. (Full survey is here, and it's a bit hilarious.)Again, the presence of the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers here could very well speak to how tough it is for players on the to compete for demanding fans, but there's still some crossover validation between SI's list in 2010 and this one.It is 24-years-old, not fancy in the least, but still is a gem.Love the Spinal Tap-esque shark head the players skate through before puck drop.From where you've been, which arena feels like the most unwelcoming for a road team?Road trips don’t always go off without a hitch, and in the NHL, it is no different.

Downtown Newark certainly not a draw, either, though there are some quality eating options close by.

Just added a huge state-of-the-art video board this season. Good luck if you get stuck in traffic on the one highway that leads to the arena.

Simply the best hockey atmosphere, both inside the arena and within the city itself, of any in the National Hockey League.

Player introductions, special videoboard and laser-image presentations, and National Anthem renditions give you goosebumps they are so great.

It was years in the making, but well worth the wait.

A beautiful modern arena in downtown Edmonton to finally replace the out-of-date -- yet full of great memories -- Rexall Place, nee Northlands Coliseum.

Almost every team has a signature trip, including the Chicago Blackhawks’ infamous circus trip, a ‘roadie’ that they lost all nine games on in 2011.