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13 Feb

First, mash a garlic clove and a dash of salt, and apply the paste to the throbbing tooth. The garlic may temporarily relieve pain, but it depends on what the cause of your toothache is. However, you may find people backing away from you at parties – noshing on garlic is a classic cause of bad breath. Alcohol is one of the active ingredients in vanilla extract, and as we have already established, alcohol acts as a numbing agent.

Still, many people persist in trying to treat themselves.

Like old wives’ tales, the most popular toothache home remedies have been around for years.

Toothache home remedies may offer temporary relief from tooth pain, but in order to find long-term relief, you must visit your family dentist to get the treatment and care your teeth need. The quicker you get treatment for your toothache, the less serious the problem.

If you let the toothache go for weeks or months in hopes of avoiding a trip to the dentist or saving money, there is a real chance the problem will grow worse. Are you suffering from tooth pain that just won’t go away?

By using home remedies, you put off the inevitable dental work that must be done, and in the long run you may even cost yourself money.After all, it’s a lot more expensive to treat a dental problem with complications than one that’s straightforward with a clear course of treatment.Home remedies for toothaches are often used because people do not understand what is causing their pain or worry that their toothache may be a symptom of another, more serious problem. For a couple trying to get pregnant, a woman’s toothache may be cause for celebration rather than despair. If an ear infection goes undiagnosed, the pain may eventually spread to the nearby jaw and teeth, resulting in the toothache. Antibiotics can fight the ear infection, and most earaches will go away on their own within six weeks even without medical treatment.Here are some frequently asked questions about toothaches, and answers that should put your mind at ease. That is because hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy can lead to toothaches caused by more sensitive teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease. Many people wonder if they can wait out a toothache, hoping it will simply disappear rather than require treatment. Toothache causes range from the somewhat serious, including cavities or erosion of tooth enamel, to the very serious, including an abscess or chest pains. Question: Should I go to the emergency room for a toothache?Second, put the tea bag in the freezer for a few minutes, then apply it to the tooth. However, there is no long-term benefit, as pain comes back minutes after the bag is removed. How to Use It for Toothache Relief Swish a small amount of salt water or saline solution in your mouth for 30 seconds. They will come roaring back as soon as the alcohol evaporates. No, especially if you are using it to treat a child.Though many think the small amount of alcohol used in this popular toothache home remedy is minimal enough to be safe for kids, the truth is that any amount of alcohol ingested by a child can have serious consequences, such as seizures or throwing up. Garlic acts similarly to an antibiotic, and it can inhibit the growth of bacteria that is attacking your tooth.Contact AZ Family Dentist today to set up an appointment to get your toothache treated.We serve the greater Glendale, AZ, area, including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, and beyond.

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