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SWISHER CNTY (Died February 1, 2013, Age 14) Cause of death: Suffocation during restraint Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Disability: Autism Perpetrator: Rose Rock Treatment Facility Source: Joseph Winters (Died February 2, 2013, Age 56) Cause of death: Medical malpractice (Long-term narcotics overdose) Location: Meriden, Connecticut, USA Disability: Diabetes; back pain; orthopedic pain Perpetrator: Heather Alfonso (Nurse practitioner) Source: Meriden Family Sues Nurse For “Potentially Deadly” Prescribing (Died February 7, 2013, Age 69) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: San Jose, California, USA Disability: Mentally disabled Perpetrator: Regina Butler (Had stayed with Jacobson previously) Source: Henry Lee’s Rap Sheet for Dec.

(Died June 9, 2013, Age 37) Cause of death: Heart attack; neglect.

Prescription of medication causing weight gain and medications dangerous to take while extremely overweight, combined with total lack of monitoring cardiovascular health, causing extreme obesity and cardiovascular disease.

9, 2015 * (Died February 8, 2013, Age 16) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Heart attack; constipation) Location: St.

Austell, Cornwall, England, UK Disability: Autism, anxiety Perpetrator: Geraldine Titterington (mother), James Titterington (father) Source: Long term failures to blame for death of constipated teen !

Location: Rochelle, Illinois, USA Disability: Elderly nursing home resident Perpetrator: Rochelle Rehabilitation and Health Care Center Source: Digging Deeper: Rochelle nursing home sued for negligence in resident’s death (Died July 4, 2013, Age 76) Cause of death: Pedestrian hit by drunk driver Location: San Clemente, California, USA Disability: Elderly/Mobility; used a cane Perpetrator: Kelly Michele Wolfe Source: DA: Woman’s BAC was 4 times the legal limit in deadly 2013 Fourth of July crash (Died July 4, 2013, Age 18) Cause of death: Drowned in a bath while unsupervised Location: Oxford, England, UK Disability: Autism, epilepsy Perpetrator: Slade House Assessment and Treatment Center Source: Connor “LB” Sparrowhawk (Died July 6, 2013, Age 11) Cause of death: Murder (Cause of death is under investigation) Location: Menifee, California, USA Disability: ADHD, possible autism Perpetrator: Skylor Atilano (Brother) Source: Terry “Ju Ju” Smith * (Died July 6, 2013, Age 59) Cause of death: Murder-suicide (Shot) Location: East Rockhill, Alabama, USA Disability: Unspecified Perpetrator: Thaddeus Swierzewski (Father) Source: Murder/Suicide – Thaddeus Swierzewski (Bucks County, PA) !

(Died July 7, 2013, Age 37) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Sepsis) Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA Disability: Mental illness, chronic Hepatitis C Perpetrator: Macomb County Jail staff Source: Detroit-area county sued again over death of a jail inmate (Died July 9, 2013, Age 27) Cause of death: Suffocated in restraint Location: Bakersfield, California, USA Disability: Fragile X Perpetrator: Mountain View Ranch Residential Care Source: Terminal Restraint: Disabled Adults Killed when Caretakers Pile on (Died July 10, 2013, Age 76) Cause of death: Multiple Murder (Beaten, scalded) Location: Castlebar, Ireland Disability: Dementia, speech impediment, hearing impairment, tremor, injuries from construction accident Perpetrator: Alan Cawley Source: Man (30s) admits killing elderly brothers but denies murder (Died July 10, 2013, Age 69) Cause of death: Multiple Murder (Beaten) Location: Castlebar, Ireland Disability: Schizophrenia, speech impediment Perpetrator: Alan Cawley Source: Man (30s) admits killing elderly brothers but denies murder * (Died July 10, 2013, Age 10) Cause of death: Abuse Location: Athol, Massachusetts, USA Disability: Deaf, visually impaired Perpetrator: Unsolved Source: Investigative report details 110 child abuse and neglect deaths, with a third happening under eye of Mass.

(Father) Source: Darnell Hunter sentenced to 12 years for fatally neglecting his impaired son * (Died February 19, 2013, Age 76) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Richland, Pennsylvania, USA Disability: Dementia Perpetrator: Levi Staver (Grandson) Source: Richland man gets 10 to 20 years for fatally stabbing grandmother (Died February 25, 2013, Age 50) Cause of death: Murder (Beaten) Location: Gulfport, Mississippi, USA Disability: Neurological damage from being hit by a train Perpetrator: Johnny Owens III Source: Mistrial declared in beating death of man with special needs (Died March 2, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: Harlem, New York, USA Disability: Deaf Perpetrator: Bismark Lithgow (Boyfriend; also deaf) Source: Harlem man arrested for brutal stabbing of deaf teen girlfriend * (Died March 2, 2013, Age 47) Cause of death: Murder (Beating) Location: Covington, Georgia, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Cornelius Richardson-Bethea (Caregiver) Source: Caregiver arrested for allegedly beating mental health patient to death * (Died March 4, 2013, Age 19) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Flu, infection) Location: Lockport, New York, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Joy and John Dziomba (Adoptive parents) Source: Guardian appointed for brothers of disabled Lockport man who died in March * (Died March 7, 2013, Age 36) Cause of death: Murder (Strangulation, exposure) Location: Denning, New York, USA Disability: Multiple sclerosis Perpetrator: Gerald Babcock (Fiance) Source: Appeals court upholds Denning resident’s manslaughter conviction in death of his fiancée (Died March 10, 2013, Age 20) Cause of death: Murder (Shooting) Location: Decatur, Illinois, USA Disability: ADHD Perpetrator: James J.

Chatman Source: Chatman gets 87-year sentence in murder of 20-year-old Decatur man * (Died March 11, 2013, Age 39) Cause of death: Neglect (Sepsis, pneumonia, dehydration) Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA Disability: Multiple disabilities Perpetrator: Mike Garvin (Father) and Tabby Martinjak (Sister) Source: Father, daughter sentenced to 20 years in prison in death of disabled woman (Died March 13, 2013, Age 72) Cause of death: Murder (Beaten) Location: Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Disability: Hemiplegia Perpetrator: Peter Brooks, fellow resident Source: Trial starts for senior accused of murdering fellow nursing home resident * (Died March 13, 2013, Age 23) Cause of death: Starvation/Dehydration Location: Lexington, Kentucky, USA Disability: Developmental disability Perpetrator: Jerry Lakes (Father) and Peggy Whitlock (Mother) Source: Detectives: Father of man who starved to death spent thousands in a casino !

Source: Carer and rest home criticised after death of disabled man * (Died July 1, 2013, Age 4) Cause of death: Beaten to death Location: Richland County, South Carolina, USA Disability: Autism Perpetrator: Robert Guinyard (Father), Courtney Shante Thompson (Mother) Source: Robert Guinyard, Jr.

(Died July 1, 2013, Age 99) Cause of death: Burned on the face by liquid oxygen; not taken to the hospital; died six days later.

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