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06 Feb

Last night was just another example of this team playing more for the name on the back of the jersey than the one on the front.

Aaron Rodgers may have spent most of this season on the injury shelf, but his personal life is getting plenty of reps. No idea if this is true but it's a good excuse to bust out Danica's SI Swimsuit photos. Not exactly surprised at the news that Stephen Jackson loves getting high ...

After splitting from Olivia Munn in April, Rodgers has been connected to SI Swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach, gold medal winner Lindsay Vonn and ex-Harvard soccer player Marie Margolius. Moon Maison is known as the "World's Sexiest Life Coach," and I don't know any life coaches so I'm okay with that claim. Retired linebacker Aaron Maybin is helping get heat in Baltimore schools ...

"Take out the word 'probably.' Now I'm going to cheer for the whole team."Patrick is shifting her career off the race track and into the business of her personal brand.

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In 2013, what player did we see possibly the most fight from? Where would last year’s team have been without Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins?

Putting on the Kentucky jersey for someone who grew up with Kentucky basketball in their blood is just different.

Does this mean a player who had no true connection to the state/program can’t truly understand it? Tyler Ulis, Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Davis all understood it.

For most of us, we dreamed while growing up of putting on a Kentucky jersey and leading the Cats to a National Championship.

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