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03 Feb

PTP's main asset is the LGBT news website Daily Xtra, a continuation of the company's former print titles.

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PTP sold its interest in Out TV to majority partner Shavick Entertainment in December 2012.Previous to Pride Vision being sold, Pink Triangle Press became partners with television producer Les Tomlin, forming Bumper 2 Bumper Media Inc. , the world's first gay travel show, initially airing on Pride Vision and now in production on a fifth season.In 1978, Pink Triangle Press was incorporated, its name was chosen as a symbol of history and commitment, as it comes from the symbols placed on suspected homosexual men in Nazi concentration camps. West in Vancouver, later called Xtra Vancouver, and Capital Xtra!Later that year, PTP was charged with "publishing immoral, indecent and scurrilous material" because of an issue of The Body Politic which included Gerald Hannon's article "Men Loving Boys Loving Men". was meant to be more upbeat and accessible than TBP. had taken over its parent publication's role of providing local entertainment and community event listings. 's circulation had soon overtaken TBP which was in financial trouble, so in an effort to save PTP and keep Xtra! in Ottawa, later called Xtra Ottawa, were both launched in 1993. in 1998, a gay men's personals, dating and cruising website, which now has more than 600,000 active members.