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31 Jan

The first two tables stores the customer name along with a unique id and their current or savings account balance respectively.

You might be expecting one users table with user details alone, but for the sake of simplicity we ignore normalization here.

The third table log is an auditing table which store each action or transaction with its time and a description.

If we configured a trigger to fire BEFORE an INSERT or UPDATE, we will have the additional benefit of modifying the new data to be inserted or updated, and even skipping the operation itself!

There are both Row level trigger and Statement Level trigger available.

A trigger is associated with a table or view and is fired whenever an event occur.The ‘events’ are INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or TRUNCATE.Again, this is our desired behavior and all appears well.use MSSQLTips go create table tbl Trigger Test ( pk ID integer Identity(1,1) primary key, Order Approval Date Time datetime, Order Status varchar(20) ) insert into tbl Trigger Test values (NULL, 'Pending') insert into tbl Trigger Test values (NULL, 'Pending') insert into tbl Trigger Test values (NULL, 'Pending') select * from tbl Trigger Test go create trigger tr Trigger Test on tbl Trigger Test after update as begin set nocount on; update tbl Trigger Test set Order Approval Date Time=getdate() from tbl Trigger Test t inner join inserted i on ID=ID and i.But if it was a statement level trigger,it would have fired only once.That is pretty much about the idea behind sql triggers. The given here assumes you have Postgre SQL installed in your system along with PL/pg SQL(which comes default in most distributions).The T-SQL for creating this trigger is shown below.