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25 Jan

Now, Chris Anderson has disappeared off the face of the earth after I called him out. I posted here before about a man that started messaging me on Words With Friends, his name was Edward Edison.However, either he, or his comrades, are actually using Mr. Also, they set up a new one under Mc Hugh William Adam. If any of you recognize the photos of the real man as being used by a scammer with a different name, please report to Facebook. He never asked me for money because after a few red flags I blocked him.Mc Hugh's REAL name and his pictures that are stolen, and showing him living in different states. Maybe if enough of us do it they will shut him down. He said he was originally from Ohio but was living in Jersey City, NJ.I go back to Facebook with all that information and tell them to contact the REAL James Francis Mc Hugh and to please notice that the other accounts are being set up out of Nigeria. He was going to Texas for three months to work on a vessel. Asked me for the same things, only needed ,000 for his repairs! I asked him how then was he making his house payments, keeping the utilities on, paying his phone bill etc. So I asked him, well then why can't your "COMPANY" order the equipment you need and send it to the rig.Same story, single, brother died in car accident and he is raising his 12 yr old niece who he prefers to call his "daughter". A few days ago, a friend of mine said he tried to play her on WWF. Widower, lived in Houston TX, rich and very handsome photo stolen and real man identified. Surely, if you are that rich, you have that in your account. I let him know that Exxon Mobile was contacted and had NO knowledge of him, his company, or any rigs with broken equipment, plus all the inconsistencies in his stories, he DISAPPEARED. However, I think he may be the same as Smith Jackson.

It is a rotten shame this has become the norm and for some it seems every generation has their scams and back in the 1800s they had the traveling Dr wagon that took your money then left town. I am trying to bring awareness to all scams,those on FB and dating sites. recruiter=697413584&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition I have reached out to Dr.