Updating google cache

08 Feb

If you’ve recently added or made changes to a page on your site, you can ask Google to (re)index it using the Fetch as Google tool.

This guide will show you how to clear your local DNS cache (“flush” it) for several operating systems.

Many current Linux distributions do not utilize a local DNS resolver cache like Windows and Mac OS X.

My website's cache is not getting updated on google from last 5-6 months even though date stamp with cache keeps changing. In given link date shown is of 22nd April 2016 but the content is at least 5 months old.

To change the content shown in the snippet (or on the linked cached page), you'll first need to change the content on the actual (live) page.

I used webmaster's Fetch as Google tool to see how my website looks on Google.

The snapshot of rendered page returned by Google is exactly same as my website so I submitted it for indexing.

updating google cache-64updating google cache-5