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06 Feb

Bias towards action: This document provides an overview of the tasks required to develop Chromium OS.Per this thread, linking Chrome requires somewhere between 8 GB and 28 GB of RAM as of March 2017; you may be able to get by with less at the cost of slower builds with adequate swap space.Seeing an error like Sources need to be world-readable to properly function inside the chroot (described later).If you want to build on a branch, pass the branch name to repo init (e.g: chroot.This chroot is its own little world: it contains its own compiler, its own tools (its own copy of bash, its own copy of sudo), etc.

The tasks are grouped into the following sections: If you're a Chromium OS developer, YOU SHOULD UPDATE THIS DOCUMENT and fix things as appropriate.There's a "Sign In" text button at the very bottom of this page.Make sure you have followed the gerrit credentials setup instructions here.(Note: If you are on a slow network connection or have low disk space, you can use the minilayout option below.The chroot lives by default at Most of the commands that Chromium OS developers use on a day-to-day basis (including the commands to build a Chromium OS image) expect to be run from within the chroot.You can enter the chroot by calling: This is the same command used to create the chroot, but if the chroot already exists, it will just enter. If you want to help develop Chromium OS and you're looking for detailed information about how to get started, you're in the right place.You can also use the quick-start guide instead, which gives just the basic steps that work for most people.

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