Updating sonicstage

01 Feb

After checking the net I've found I wasn't alone and the Mini Disc forums & newsgroups have many complaints about Sonic Stage.

Earlier this year he gave me a Sony Net MD Mini Disc (MZ-NF810) for my birthday.

Its a great piece of hardware; nicely engineered and a worthy successor to the old Walkman.

) Restart if prompted to do so; if not, it is still recommended that you do so.

Sonic Stage is freeware from Sony which is useful to play and organize all your audio files if your music player device is compatible, either a Walkman or other Sony portable device.

From what I have read Sonic Stage had poor removal/install as a clean install seems to work fine.As all their "net portables" (Mini Disc, Network Walkman etc) use Sonic Stage its vital Sony make their software as good as the hardware because that is great.The drivers for Sony units will automaticaly be installed.(If you use a Panasonic or Sharp Hi-MD/Net MD unit, install your drivers before you install the actual software!You can get up to 5 hours music on a Mini Disc and although it can't hold a zillion songs like an i Pod I think in some ways its better:~ It uses an easy to change rechargeable or ...~ ... ~ It has long play time 40 hours on one AA battery~ It has an am/fm radio tuner built in.~ It can record from a digital input or microphone, which is a real bonus.The disc capacity limitation is eliminated in the latest Mini Disc players as the new Hi-MD Walkmans have 1gb disc storing up to 45 hours of music.For Windows 2000 Professional users, you are recommended to upgrade to Service Pack 3 or later.

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