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26 Jan

And why not, when the Internet has become the go-to dating spot.All things considered, there is a need for an incubation system that allows startups to be created and with a strong hand to guide them through the process of growth.Since there is no ecosystem to provide risk capital at the present time, the incubator itself must be financially viable. Many who have access to capital, especially those coming from family backgrounds where money is freely on-hand, are turning in large numbers to day trading on the Stock Exchanges, which to many is akin to a form of gambling, requiring almost no business acumen or entrepreneurial risk-taking.The incubator will also add value by training the incubators in required business skills.In cases where further financing is required, the handshaker organisation (HSO) enters as an angel investor.

industrial zones, parks and other facilitational setups by the government are in place for capital intensive industries throughout Pakistan.

However, no emphasis has been laid on incubating startups.