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25 Jan

The coal industry is shrinking, under pressure from regulations pushed by the Obama administration to cut carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, competition from cheap natural gas, and reduced demand for coal from China.In early August, Jim Popielarcheck said he got 90 signatures from friends and family pledging to vote for Trump to stand up for the energy industry. It's a good life, and coal forms the foundation of Greene County's prosperity. She is smart, he said, has experience and some details to her policy proposals.Each coal miner supports 18 jobs with his spending, Jim Popielarcheck said, citing industry estimates. "Right now, I think people are sick of it, ready for it just to be over," said State Rep."Trump says, 'Don't worry, coal miners, I'm coming.' Voting for that or voting for somebody who wants to close me down is not a choice." Greene County - and more broadly, southwestern Pennsylvania - matters in the race for the state's 20 electoral votes.The county is overwhelmingly white and has a lower percentage of college graduates than the state as a whole, demographics that have been favorable to Trump in polling.

And the shift is creating a sharp political fault line between Democrat Hillary Clinton, who wants to speed the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner-burning energy, and Republican Donald Trump, who vows to increase coal production as part of an "all of the above" energy strategy."This country is in trouble," said Popielarcheck, 56, a registered Democrat who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but switched to Mitt Romney in 2012 after becoming convinced the president had declared war on coal.Secure Energy for America, a nonpartisan industry association, has worked to mobilize workers in the natural gas and coal fields in important counties in southwest Pennsylvania, southeastern Ohio, and Virginia with information sessions and voter-registration drives.The United Mine Workers, still a strong cultural and political force in coal country, does not plan to endorse in the presidential race, though it has traditionally aligned with Democrats.Danger is a confidential way to find information about people.

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