Who is abi titmuss dating

01 Feb

David popped the question to Lara during a New Year break to Mexico after the pair had been dating for nine months.

She talks confidently, in long, fluid paragraphs and has a keen sense of humour and an easy laugh.

She is attractive, of course, and today well-covered in a black dress with long sleeves and a high neck.

It’s an outfit that screams “take me seriously”, but, to be honest, since she points this out herself, I can’t really criticise.

Nevertheless, the question has to be asked: what makes her think she can follow in the footsteps of Vivien Leigh, Dame Judi Dench and Sinéad Cusack, all of whom have played Lady Macbeth to great acclaim?

It had stopped being fun, and I didn’t know who I was.” So why did she continue to do it? “It’s very easy to look down on magazines like Zoo and Nuts, but it’s just a market place, and I was a product.

That’s really how I saw it.” But there must have been a part of her that enjoyed the attention. “The character sold the papers, but I won’t be disingenuous.

Abi, 33, had several liaisons with the notorious womaniser back in 2004.

But the former nurse now reckons David only proposed to Dutch model Lara Stone, 26, to upstage his recently-engaged mate Russell Brand, 34, in a silly bid to steal the big-haired comic’s limelight.