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02 Feb

For 15 years she didn’t have another hit, and her romantic life was incredibly turbulent.I , however, surprised to learn that her Sapphic tendencies were such an open secret.Of course, gossip mainly travels by whisper, and the scandalmongers often exaggerated her exploits, but Dusty’s love of the ladies was apparently quite common knowledge.She is concerned that whatever I may ask her will make her sound conceited. The truth is I’m just very easily flattered by people’s attentions, and after a couple of vodkas I’m even more flattered.’ She’s giggling a lot now.So I suggest that she tells me her little vices, and with an enthusiasm which is almost self-destructive, she sets about it, giggling from time to time at her own ability to rattle me. ‘I suppose to say I’m promiscuous is a bit of bravado on my part. I’ve been that way ever since I discovered the meaning of the word.

‘This,’ she squints, ‘is the best colour in the world. I’m just lazy and self-indulgent.’ She’s a strange lady of contradictions.She wants me to send her a copy of an old Maureen Cleave article but she won’t give me her address.And I’m always a bit surprised to sell records anyway.It would be a souring experience if I were not to have any more hits, but I would survive. I very seldom think about it, but if it did happen I’d probably get out unless I could find some other direction to go in.It wasn’t until a 1987 collaboration with Springfield super-fans Pet Shop Boys that her career got a boost again.She died of breast cancer in 1999, the day she was scheduled to receive the Order of the British Empire, and two weeks before her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.