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After Tommy's adversary, Mesogog, was defeated, he retired from Ranger duty and is currently a normal high school teacher at Reefside.Those powers ran dry and he became the White Ranger and the White Ninja Ranger of the same team, Zeo Ranger V Red of the Zeo Rangers, and the first Red Turbo Ranger of the Turbo Rangers.He later became the love interest and husband of Katherine Hillard in a possible future .After Tommy's adventures as a Ranger were complete, he went to college where he received a Doctorate in Paleontology in a mere six years (in "Shift into Turbo", it mentioned he was in the class of 1997, whereas in "Thunder Struck Part 2", it mentioned the others in the class of 2004, showing that Dino Thunder started in 2003).He later traveled to Reefside and, in an effort to stop some of his mutations, became the mentor of a new set of Power Rangers.

He then fought the Power Rangers and defeated them.Being under Rita's influence, Tommy became very sullen and was even rude to Kimberly when she questioned where he had been.Tommy later scared Bulk and Skull away when they were harassing Kimberly, who had become enamored by Tommy at first sight and invited him to hang out with her and her friends.Rita Repulsa had noticed Tommy's fight with Jason and realized that there was potential in the young man.Tommy has gone through a number of power variations through the years.Originally the first Green Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.Jason managed to narrowly escape his grasp when the other Rangers teleported him out.