Who is gong yoo dating

04 Feb

[ 1,322, -70] I personally don't care whether they're really dating or not but if it turns out that she was lying about Gong Yoo this whole time, she's going to get the most hate she'll ever receive... If they really are dating, she's going to get double the hate considering how doubly popular Gong Yoo is right now. [ 29, -7] I always assumed Gong Yoo was dating Im Soo Jung?? [ 26, -2] It's fine if they're not dating but if they really are, she'll be hated to dust Article: Kim Go Eun reps, "Speculation that she broke up with Shin Ha Kyun to date Gong Yoo, unfounded rumors"Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate 1.

Just by what I see from others around me, I can tell that getting married, creating a family, and having kids is extremely difficult.” ‘Goblin’ Korean Drama Surpasses Lee Min Ho’s ‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’ In Record-Breaking Premiere ‘Goblin’s Gong Yoo Loves His Fans And These Videos Prove It ‘Goblin’ K-Drama Ep 3 Review, Ep 4 Preview: Another Time Skip Upcoming As Series Picks Up Pace ‘Goblin’ K-Drama Premier: First Episode Surpasses First Episode Viewership Ratings Of ‘Reply 1988’ Making It Possible It Might Be Best tv N Series Of 2016 [Video] In the interview he said that thoughts about marriage weren’t really his focus in life right now.

“I’m now in my late 30’s and I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and family,” he said.

Even as the hit tv N drama 'Goblin' ended with some impressive ratings, the lead stars Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun were spotted together in convivial mood during the wrap party of the show.

Their off-screen chemistry in the party is now sparking dating rumours, once again.

Gong Yoo is a wonderful actor and has an amazing performance in TV shows and movies have obtained millions of hearts around the globe. #ggong_DEA post shared by 공 유 | 공 지 철 | GONG YOO (@gongyoo7010) on Gong was born on 10th July 1979 in South Korea.Gong Yoo belongs to the upper-class family born as Gong Ji-Chul in Busan, his parents from Korean descent.But to make sure that he will not be stealing the moment away from Kim Go Eun, Gong Yoo kept asking all of the staff on set if they also think his co-star is very pretty," Yibada reported.Gong Yoo is enjoying a lot of renewed popularity right now due to the success of his first Korean drama in five years. And if you’re a Gong Yoo fangirl who has been dreaming of marrying the 37 year old actor, his opinions on marriage and parenting may break your heart. As an article in where he revealed his opinions of becoming a bridegroom.