Why is lemmys land not updating

13 Feb

In November, former drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor—renowned as a member of the band’s iconic classic lineup—also passed away at age 61. We will update this story as more details become available.To celebrate and remember one of Rock and Roll’s true legends, I petition everyone to henceforth and hereafter refer to the combination of Jack Daniels Whiskey and Coca-Cola as a ‘Lemmy’. Next time you’re at the Model or the Sil or any other fine dive bar across the land, and someone asks for a “Lemmy”, raise your glass.You know what they want, and hopefully, the bartender does as well. And in case you missed the Voltage Factory’s tribute to Lemmy last night on Vanya Radio, tune in for a re-broadcast Monday at 10 p.m.At the time that this game came out, the official story was that Lemmy was Bowser's son.Therefore I think that we should still refer to him as such until New Super Mario Bros. If this is agreed on, it should also be changed on the other Koopalings' pages.

For one thing, I've never heard that, and another, this Wiki's been around for four years now.

(I used to frequent the site myself.) but most of the information featured on Lemmy's Land isn't truly canon to the Mario universe, and much of it is composed of fan fiction. Lemmy Koopa617 Some guy added middle names and DOB's on a couple of the Koopalings' pages, but I'm pretty sure that information is unofficial.

local time as host Michael Christopher raises a Lemmy to the one and only Motörhead frontman.

@Silverado, That's an irrelevant comment and highly immature. Redstar , 1 December 2009 (EST) Where is it mentioned that Lemmy is a prince (this applies to the other male Koopalings too)? M I have one question: How can Bowser have children if he does not have a wife? How come the Koopa Clown car can support Bowsers weight? Seriously nothing suprises me in he marioverse :/ ~by Kaialone They can be adopted. , 15 September 2012 (EDT) Dude, Lemmy is nowhere to be found in The Mario Amada series. I try to look closely at it(even his airship on 1080p HD) and I'm guessing it either has a light green color or yellow color. Maybe it looks greenish in screenshots because the image is a bit unclear and if you dirty yellow with black or any other colour besides reddish hues, it starts to look greenish.

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