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07 Feb

, the player is faced with a choice: to whom to give the power to control Numidium (“Anumidium”, “Big Walker”), the giant, world-stomping magic robot previously used by legendary Emperor Tiber Septim to conquer Tamriel. Obviously, this left the writers of “Your Lordship should know that the Blades have concluded there is no plausible historical account of these events, and despairs that a plausible historical account shall ever be produced.Breaking the Dragon let Tiber Septim conquer Tamriel… Was it like the Warp in the West, did he create multiple realities where he conquered each province seperately, and then merged them?Or did he just keep reloading reality until events went his way?And yet, in the Elder Scrolls games, this isn’t entirely true.There are, in fact, other beings with powers similar to those possessed by the players, and we just mentioned them: Vivec and Tiber Septim, fellow Dragon Breakers.

You did it again with Big Walker, not once, but twice!