Womens naked rowing

28 Jan

Happily, we finish this week with the same number of boats as we started with, as there have been no further retirements – but that doesn't mean it's all plain sailing (or rowing! As we found on our Atlantic crossing, rowers have commented on the night times being a lot colder than you imagine, even in a tropical climate.

They've also found that the drier conditions have helped their sore bottoms. When you're living on a diet of freeze dried mush, an obsession with pretty much any food stuff that you can't have soon develops.

Lin's and my favourite game out at sea was 'if you could eat anything in the world right now – what would it be? The worst news this week is that the Ocean Angels toilet bucket has gone overboard – a disaster for all involved.

The teams in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race have now been at sea for three weeks, and the race leaders are speeding toward their first 1,000 mile mark.

All of the teams seem to be moving more comfortably now as they settle into their routines and get used to life at sea.

Still, armed with their latest surprise gift from home (Top Trumps cards!) they're looking strong and seem to be growing in confidence as a team.They're gonna have to get creative now to overcome that problem!!But that could be difficult as they tell us the first signs of insanity have started to take hold.